"For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." Romans 10:13
Oh Yes...God Can!
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​                                                                   Feb, 2018

The sky was blue with a coolness that only a cold front could bring upon the country of Belize, therefore, my wife, Linda and I had chosen to take a ride to enjoy this unique day that the Lord had given us. We drove down the Western Highway and across the River into the Roaring Creek Community. We turned right at the first little dirt road that had a sign that read Freedom House Prison Works. Driving on a little further I saw a wooden swinging bridge that spanned 120 feet across the Belize River. Speaking to Linda conversely, that I was going to take a stroll across this bridge and would she like to come with me? Ordinarily, Linda would go, but this time she declined. Being a little frightened of heights, nevertheless I mounted the bridge and the height did not seem to bother me at all. I suppose it was the bright blue sky and cool weather that took my attention away from the height of the bridge and the water below. It did not take long, and I was on the other side when I noticed a sign that read Youth With A Mission. Seems that we still have some youth in this world that have a mission in life. I turned to head back across the bridge when I noticed a man had stepped onto the bridge on the other side and started across toward me. This man seemed to be carrying a heavy load but I could not see anything that he was carrying. As we both continued our walk across the bridge I did notice he had a backpack on his back but very little in it. In just a few minutes we met in the middle. We greeted and began to talk. He said that he had just come from Belize City, where he works as a security guard and was heading home about 8 miles away. Are you going to walk that far? He conveyed to me that he had to walk down to the other bridge to catch a bus. Our greeting was over and the subject turned to the Lord. I politely handed him two Gospel tracts. While he was looking at the tracts we began to discuss the contents. After a short time of explaining to him about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, Peter bowed his head, repented of his sin and ask Jesus to be his Lord and Saviour. As he started to pray I took his hand, as in a handshake, and as he prayed: Jesus, I believe You died on the cross for my sins, and that You were buried and rose again from the dead, he squeezed my hand. After he finished praying he looked up at me and I could have sworn I saw tears in his eyes. I wrote my name and cell # on the back of one of the tracts and told Peter to call me if I could be of help to him. Peter continued his walk on across the bridge and out of sight and I know for certain that the load that I seem to have seen him carrying, when he started across the bridge, now seemed to have been lifted off his shoulders. I continued back to the car rejoicing that I had just had the privilege to tell another person about the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and he had accepted the truth of the Word of God.

​Jer 33:3

Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knoweth not.  

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