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Oh Yes...God Can!
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Praying for a 40 foot, self contained, diesel RV for our ministry.
​                                                                   Dec, 2017

We were going to ship everything to Belize and fly down but we only had $5,000 which would not cover the shipping, duty and our flight. Therefore, after being impressed of the Lord we purchased the 16 foot box truck and tow dolly. We loaded and were ready to drive to Belize but there were not enough funds. I was once again impressed of the Lord to take out a loan to get us headed to Belize via Mexico. We stepped out by faith, confident that the Lord was going to supply the rest of what we needed; and that He did. The first night out on the road the Lord supplied us with a free hotel room. As I walked into a hotel a couple was leaving. They had changed their mind and told the hotel clerk to leave the room on the credit card. He looked at me and said “give it to him if he wants it”. I said yes! We accept. “Thank you so much for the blessing”, I thought! There we spent the night free at the Holiday Inn Express.  
  The next morning we headed on toward Belize. While talking to a friend, we heard and felts a BOOM! One of the tires blew out on the rear of the truck. We ended up at Murry's Tires in Chipley, FL. We had 8 new tires installed; the owner gave us 2 of them free. Praise the Lord for another blessing! A great big thank you goes to the owner of Murry's Tires. Another big thank you goes to the family in Columbus, Ga, that supplied the remaining finances for the tires and a little extra for the trip. After they installed the tires we continued our trip to Belize via Mexico. On the way, we stopped in Gulfport, Ms at Beams Bible, where we spent the night and loaded up 6 boxes of Bibles. Thank you Beams Bible for the Bibles that we were able to give out on our way to Belize via Mexico and will be using in Belize.  
  Sunday Morning arrived quickly and we went to church in Victoria, Tx. I spoke with the Pastor before Sunday school; he ask me to come back and speak in the evening service. There were no vacant hotel rooms available in Victoria because of Hurricane Harvey; Harvey's center passed right over Victoria. A couple in the church had a Mother in Law suite and said we could use it for the night; what another great blessing. We are so grateful for your generosity; thank you so much!  
  Sunday evening came quickly. I gave an update about our ministry and preached a short, short message. The Pastor took over and told everyone about the need we had to get to Belize via Mexico. They voted to take care of the whole need right then and there. Thank you, Pastor and church for this great blessing, as well as the Mexican lunch. May the Lord greatly bless you for your giving Spirit.  
  Monday morning saw us back on the road again and down to Brownsville, Tx. We had to get a broker to get down through Mexico, which was quite costly, but we praise the Lord that we got across the border. We saw rain almost all the way to Belize. This was such a blessing because it was much cooler than we had anticipated and the trip was without incident. Linda's mother, who is 86 years young, prayed that it would be a cool ride all the way to Belize because Linda gets short of breath; her prayers were answered.  
  After 12 days and 2800 miles we arrived at the Belizean border and were able to pay to get everything into the country because of the generosity of a family in Goldsboro, NC. After a couple days rest in Corozal, (thanks to our friends who have a house there), we headed down to Belmopan, where the Lord supplied a house the first day. We moved in that night and slept on 2 inflatable swim mats with the roaches and centipedes; we were making memories to think back on later. The next day we drove back to Corozal and retrieved all our belongings. We are now getting settled in Belmopan, where there is a great need for an Independent Baptist Church. To make this happen we have a few needs we would like to share. First, we praise the Lord for the safe trip and all the needs He has supplied to get us to Belize. By the way, we sold the truck and tow dolly, and paid the loan back that we took out to get headed to Belize, which I mentioned earlier in this letter. 

1. Join us in asking the Lord to supply the funds to buy a 15 passenger Ford Van, 2008 and up, so we can pick up folks for church, which will cost around $15,000 to buy and get it into Belize. 

2. Join us in asking the Lord to supply the funds to buy a piece of land to build His church building on, which will cost around $25,000. We are in the capital city where things are pricey.  

 3. Join us in asking the Lord to supply the funds to build a church building for us to worship Him in, which will cost around $30,000. Things here in Belize are twice as high as in the USA.  
  Thank you in advance for praying and helping with these needs, as the Lord provides. We have seen His hand on us time and time again! Thank you also for all your prayers and your faithful monthly support. We pray that you have a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  

​Jeremiah 33:3
Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knoweth not  
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May the Grace of God abound in you richly!  

The Ayers